Chronicles of Pandemics: In Retrospect of Literature

This worldwide pandemic is certainly not the first. Nor will it be the last. Amidst such a disheartening and isolated situation, one always turns to literature and art to come in terms with reality. When we put our current situation in context, it invites dark thoughts and scenes of the other pandemics that are recordedContinue reading “Chronicles of Pandemics: In Retrospect of Literature”

Are Online Classes beneficial to all?

Online classes through electrical gadgets have become the norm of teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many thousands of students are glued to their phones and teacher-student relationship enters a new world of virtual lectures, assessments, and tutorials. Online classes come with a lot of advantages like  ease of access,  an equal opportunity for everyone toContinue reading “Are Online Classes beneficial to all?”

Rural Education in India during COVID-19 Pandemic

As Jimmy Carter said, “No poor, rural, weak or black person shouldever again bear the additional burden of being deprived of theopportunity for an education, job, or simple justice”. In this article, letus see how rural education was affected during the Covid-19 pandemicand how it has created inequality in education in India. As online classesContinue reading “Rural Education in India during COVID-19 Pandemic”