Delving into Greek Literature

Greek literature extends from the 1st Millennium BC to the present day. After the conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek became the common language of the eastern Mediterranean lands and then of the Byzantine Empire. At present, it is chiefly confined to Greece and Cyprus. Greek Literature can be divided into three time periods –Continue reading “Delving into Greek Literature”

Chronicles of Pandemics: In Retrospect of Literature

This worldwide pandemic is certainly not the first. Nor will it be the last. Amidst such a disheartening and isolated situation, one always turns to literature and art to come in terms with reality. When we put our current situation in context, it invites dark thoughts and scenes of the other pandemics that are recordedContinue reading “Chronicles of Pandemics: In Retrospect of Literature”

Exploring Literature through its Genres

Imagine a magical tree that takes you off to unknown magical worlds when you tug on its branches. Literature is like that enchanted tree. Just like that tree with different branches, literature also has various forms and genres. Before digging deep into the classification of literary genres, we must know what “genre” means. Genre isContinue reading “Exploring Literature through its Genres”

Unfolding the Magic of Literature

We often ask ourselves, why do we need to study literature? We perpetually neglect this subject before our exams. We do not give much importance to it. That is not all. Students who pursue literature for higher studies are often looked down upon by the other streams, but we keep forgetting that a part ofContinue reading “Unfolding the Magic of Literature”