“IKIGAI”- The purpose of life

Every day we wake up, perform our daily chores, and at the end of the day we lie down to sleep and this is a never-ending cycle. We tend to not think of the purpose of our lives or the reason for our being. Even if we think about this, we don’t simply stumble uponContinue reading ““IKIGAI”- The purpose of life”

Unfolding the Magic of Literature

We often ask ourselves, why do we need to study literature? We perpetually neglect this subject before our exams. We do not give much importance to it. That is not all. Students who pursue literature for higher studies are often looked down upon by the other streams, but we keep forgetting that a part ofContinue reading “Unfolding the Magic of Literature”

Life on Venus?

“Life on Venus?” is a question that has been the topic of discussion in light of recent studies. Venus has yet again proved to be a twin of the Earth. Phosphine – a life suggesting gas found on the Earth, has been discovered in the clouds of Venus. Phosphine is an inflammable foul-smelling gas producedContinue reading “Life on Venus?”

Signs of Life on Mars

Everybody knows about Mars. It is the fourth closest planet to the sun in the solar system. It is the second smallest planet after Mercury with a diameter of 6,719 km which is about half the size of our planet, Earth. It is also known as the red planet because of its rusty color dueContinue reading “Signs of Life on Mars”