Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Daily Life

There exists a myth that when a person speaks, only 35% of their communication is verbal and the rest of the 65% is nonverbal. That’s not entirely true as it depends on the context and the situation. It is, however, absolutely true that nonverbal communication can make or break a message. Non-verbal communication is wayContinue reading “Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Daily Life”

Is Education merely to survive?

The word Education comes from the Latin word Educare which means to raise or to lead forth. These imply that education helps nourish the good in an individual and bring out the best in everyone. Education is the most powerful weapon of humans which can change the world. It is important for the development andContinue reading “Is Education merely to survive?”

Unfolding the Magic of Literature

We often ask ourselves, why do we need to study literature? We perpetually neglect this subject before our exams. We do not give much importance to it. That is not all. Students who pursue literature for higher studies are often looked down upon by the other streams, but we keep forgetting that a part ofContinue reading “Unfolding the Magic of Literature”