Is Freedom Of Speech and Expression Absolute in India?

Every human being has been provided with certain rights and freedoms. We have the right to live, to move, to opt for any profession, adopt any religion, the right to speak and write whatever we want, and so on. In today’s blog, we are going to learn about our right to freedom of speech andContinue reading “Is Freedom Of Speech and Expression Absolute in India?”

Human Rights in Indian Constitution

Human Rights are some basic rights or moral principles inherent to all human beings regardless of caste, race, gender, age, religion, language, and nationality, thereby ensuring equal status to every person in the society. These rights are mentioned in both national and international laws. The International law mentions Human Rights in its milestone document ‘The Universal DeclarationContinue reading “Human Rights in Indian Constitution”

Hindi Diwas

  14th September is quite significant in the history of India. In the year of 1949, Hindi in Devanagri script was adopted as the official language of the Republic of India. This day was selected to commemorate the efforts of Beohar Rajendra Simha who led the movement for the betterment of the language of Hindi. Continue reading “Hindi Diwas”