Is Right to Information our fundamental right?

Every citizen of India, regardless of the caste, sex, age, religion, etc., is bestowed upon with some fundamental rights by the Constitution. These rights are necessary for the liberty of an individual. Apart from these, we are also provided with some additional rights that are equally important which are later included to be a partContinue reading “Is Right to Information our fundamental right?”

Is Freedom Of Speech and Expression Absolute in India?

Every human being has been provided with certain rights and freedoms. We have the right to live, to move, to opt for any profession, adopt any religion, the right to speak and write whatever we want, and so on. In today’s blog, we are going to learn about our right to freedom of speech andContinue reading “Is Freedom Of Speech and Expression Absolute in India?”

Human Rights in Indian Constitution

Human Rights are some basic rights or moral principles inherent to all human beings regardless of caste, race, gender, age, religion, language, and nationality, thereby ensuring equal status to every person in the society. These rights are mentioned in both national and international laws. The International law mentions Human Rights in its milestone document ‘The Universal DeclarationContinue reading “Human Rights in Indian Constitution”

Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Daily Life

There exists a myth that when a person speaks, only 35% of their communication is verbal and the rest of the 65% is nonverbal. That’s not entirely true as it depends on the context and the situation. It is, however, absolutely true that nonverbal communication can make or break a message. Non-verbal communication is wayContinue reading “Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Daily Life”

Barriers in Effective Communication

Communication is an exchange of message/code/signal or any other sign or expression that conveys one’s feelings, emotions, or thoughts. This follows a step by step process including five important elements: Sender – the one who sends the message Message – the content which is being delivered Medium – the channel of the communication Receiver –Continue reading “Barriers in Effective Communication”

Communication and its Types

People communicate with each other in several ways depending upon the message and its context. Today, in this blog, I am going to explain the different types of communication classified based on mode, purpose, and participants. Let’s get started. Communication-based on mode: Verbal Communication means communication using language. This is further divided into two – OralContinue reading “Communication and its Types”

The Magic of Communication

What do lightning and thundering indicate? Isn’t it giving you an indication of the coming of rain soon? That is how nature communicates with us. Communication is a magical bridge that connects two living beings emotionally. All living beings communicate in some way or the other, which is proof to show that communication needs noContinue reading “The Magic of Communication”

Signs of Life on Mars

Everybody knows about Mars. It is the fourth closest planet to the sun in the solar system. It is the second smallest planet after Mercury with a diameter of 6,719 km which is about half the size of our planet, Earth. It is also known as the red planet because of its rusty color dueContinue reading “Signs of Life on Mars”