Nigeria – Misunderstood or Negativized?

Nigeria is a country located in the West of Africa, sharing borders with Chad, Benin, Cameroon, and Niger. It is a federation of 36 states with Abuja as its capital city, located at the center of the country within the Federal Capital Territory. The country was named after River Niger, which runs in the southwesternContinue reading “Nigeria – Misunderstood or Negativized?”

A Mental Guide to Time Management

In the previous article on time management, we have learned the different ways to physically cope with tasks through managing time. Preparing physically is just not enough to have proper management skills. Physical and mental preparedness is equally important when it comes to performing a task. So, let us understand ways to mentally prepare oneselfContinue reading “A Mental Guide to Time Management”

A Physical Guide to Time Management

As an online learner, you do not want to be worn out anytime you sit in front of your computer screen to take a lesson. Being a student, the stress would get to you faster. With time, you would find out you have achieved nothing. So, let us take a quick look at how toContinue reading “A Physical Guide to Time Management”

Why is Time Management Important for Online Learning?

Some of the problems we face while trying to study are distractions, activities that pop up whenever we decide to dedicate time to learning. For online learners, this becomes harder, because they lack the sanctum of a classroom to keep them motivated and committed. How many times have you wanted to study, and suddenly aContinue reading “Why is Time Management Important for Online Learning?”


Ever wondered why some people understand better when they listen than when they read through materials? Or vice verse? A person’s method of capturing, absorbing and processing details may be different from the next. What Is A Learning Style? People grasp information differently and the ways or patterns through which a person can easily follow,Continue reading “KNOWING YOUR LEARNING STYLES AND ADAPTING TO AN ONLINE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT”