“IKIGAI”- The purpose of life

Every day we wake up, perform our daily chores, and at the end of the day we lie down to sleep and this is a never-ending cycle. We tend to not think of the purpose of our lives or the reason for our being. Even if we think about this, we don’t simply stumble upon the answers because we generally tend to push these thoughts away, not wanting them to linger around too much.

“IKIGAI” – the Japanese content of life, answers these questions for us. Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy), is our raison d’être or the happiness in our day-to-day life. The happiness in doing our chores, the happiness in our personal and professional lives. It means encompassing joy with a sense of the meaning of life and the feeling of well being. It is the passion and talent within us that motivates us to give our best in everything we do.

Ikigai revolves around what we love, what we are good at, what the world needs from us, and helps find the purpose of life with these questions. According to the concept of Ikigai, our belief and thinking determine the purpose of our life. Ikigai inspires us to find the flow in everything we do, accepting the setbacks, and moving forward with the lessons from those setbacks. It believes in living an unhurried life, cultivating good habits, being optimistic, and most importantly reconnecting with nature. It wants us to surround ourselves with people who find happiness in inspiring us, nurturing friendships that last forever.

“Ikigai”, is thus, a positive attitude towards life. It is a way of discovering the best in ourselves, a path that leads us towards the purpose of our life while accepting the ‘wabi-sabi’ or the imperfections of life. ‘Live in the moment and follow your own Ikigai’ for a happy and meaningful life.

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