Peace Policies: A guiding light for the world.

Peace is the state of freedom from all kinds of disturbances. In the context of the world, Peace is a time when there is no war or violence and the world has an equation with harmony and concord.

The world has seen the adversities of wars and violence, causing huge loss of life and public property. The only thing that these wars have left behind is the question for mankind – the question on mankind itself. The question of whether the world deserves this kind of suffering. The destructive tendencies have forced the world into a catastrophic situation several times.

The last World War – World War II, led mankind to re-establish peace across the world. It pushed the world for the establishment of harmony among countries and its people to help each other grow. Many countries came forward to form peace organizations like the World Peace Organization, Amnesty International, UN Peacekeepers Organization, etc.

International Organizations realized the importance of peace for a better world and laid down International Peace policies to guide the world on the path towards peace. The charter, big International Peace and Security, was put forward by the United Nations. The aim was to save the world and the coming generations from the destruction that can be caused due to wars and violence and to unite the world to prevent such situations in the future.

Peace policies play a crucial role in maintaining international peace. These policies bind countries to follow a certain code of conduct to prevent any kind of conflict, and to lead peaceful trade and other activities. Peace policies also help the world unite in the fight against terrorism following a global counter-terrorism strategy. Another important role of these policies is to make sure that nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction are limited or eliminated.

These steps so far have been beneficial in preventing some of the global wars. Fortunately, the end of the cold war came in the last decade and the world has committed to peace ever since. A world that is characterized by co-existence and cooperation for sustainable development is the result of these peace policies. Even though the world is not in any war at the time, the efforts to maintain peace should not be left behind because these content efforts will ensure peace in the future.

To guide the world in the light of peace, citizens of each country should follow the idea of – “HOMO AHIMSA” that refers to the behavior of a non-violent human.

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