What is Search Engine Optimization?

When someone publishes their website, the first thing they want is to drive traffic to their site through various search engines. The first step towards achieving this is implementing a proper “Search Engine Optimization”.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving web traffic on a website through search engines. The target of Search Engine optimization is to get organic traffic thereby getting a higher rank in the organic listing. The purpose of SEO is to optimize the content of the website using the keywords so that it appears as the top result when searched on a search engine.

Optimization dates back to the mid-1990s when webmasters started optimizing websites to appear in search engines. Initially, they submitted the URL of the websites to the crawler to crawl that page, and the information of the page is to be indexed to appear on the search engine. According to the industry analyst, Danny Sullivan, the term “Search Engine Optimization” was first used in 1997.

Early versions of search algorithms relied on the information provided through keywords, meta tags, or index files. However, it was later found that the use of meta tags is not reliable and may present incomplete, wrong, or inaccurate information for the actual content of the websites; potentially lowering the rankings of the page. Search engines realized that webmasters were manipulating the ranks of the page by stuffing them with inappropriate tags and to prevent this, search engines like Altavista and Infoseek adjusted their algorithms. They ensured that the search page shows the relevant results.

Search engines now offer sitemaps to optimize the website content to gain organic traffic. SEO is broadly categorized into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO largely depends on how the website owners optimize their content to appear on the search engine. Off-page SEO depends on how Google sees your website. Even though both are two different aspects, to rank higher a website must perform well in both. SEO in recent years has gained much popularity establishing an industry for itself. In our next article, we will be exploring ways to create a website with better Search Engine Optimization.

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