How to make articles with better Search Engine Optimization?

Making Search Engine Optimization friendly content online is what every content writer thieves for. The first step towards making a search engine optimized content is to understand what SEO is and how to implement it online. To get a better understanding of Search Engine Optimization, you can visit the previous article.

To produce articles with better Search Engine Optimization, we must learn ways to optimize an article. Optimize your article in such a way that people can easily find and read it on a search engine.

The tips to keep in mind while making SEO friendly content – 

  1. A search engine friendly title. The title of the article should be small and always include keywords in it. Inserting keywords in the title makes it easier for the search engine to show it in the results when searched.
  2. Structure your article well. The structure of your article plays an important role in deciding whether one wants to view the content or not. Always structure your article in a way that the first paragraph contains the abstract of the article. Include keywords in it. Any paragraph should not contain more than three to four sentences because it is difficult to view lengthy paragraphs on small screens.
  3. Appropriate use of keywords. Incorporating keywords in the article is surely a must but overstuffing the article with keywords is not good. It may lead the search engines to dislike your content which in turn makes it difficult to find the content online.
  4. Incorporate images. Adding relevant images to your content is always a good idea. It makes your content impressive and attractive.
  5. Add social links. Adding links to social media helps readers to connect with the writers directly and thereby establishes a connection between the author and the reader.
  6. Monitor your activity. Keeping an eye on your efforts is necessary. The analysis of your content’s performance plays a vital role in making better content. Google Analytics is a free tool to track your performance.

The use of these appropriate techniques in designing content online provides you with a better result. Making SEO friendly content is now easier with tools available online like – Moz, Google Search Console, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Site Booster, BuzzSumo, etc. With the help of these tools, you will be making better and attractive content.

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