Is Education merely to survive?

The word Education comes from the Latin word Educare which means to raise or to lead forth. These imply that education helps nourish the good in an individual and bring out the best in everyone.

Education is the most powerful weapon of humans which can change the world. It is important for the development and growth of a country. The human mind made possible all developmental achievements in the health sector, innovations in agriculture, efficient public administration, and private sector growth apart from many others.

To reap these benefits successfully, we must unleash the full potential of the human mind by using education as a tool that helps enhance our thinking process. Education leads to exposure. It is how people are exposed to various concepts in Science, Mathematics, Arts, English literature, Social sciences, etc. When a person spends time exploring these subjects, it provides them with an opportunity to discover their talents and abilities in their areas of interest. For example, very few artists discover their talent and full potential without spending time in an art classroom.

Highly educated people get more opportunities for jobs and make a good amount of money. It helps us bridge the gap between the rich and the poor while striving for a better quality of life. Educated people open their business, self-employing themselves as well as providing jobs to hundreds of people. Educated and skilled human resources are much needed to improve the economic stability of a nation. They also contribute to research and other initiatives that will increase the well being of the lives of people.

Right now, many biotechnologists are trying their level best to find a COVID-vaccine in many countries to reduce the economic instability caused by the lockdown. But the country which comes up with an effective COVID-vaccine that is safe for mass vaccination will trump over the others in stabilizing their economy. This would be a direct result of having human resources with applicable knowledge in a nation. So, the right education does not only help a person make his/her ends meet but also provides him/her with a much-needed edge over the others. 

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