Are Online Classes beneficial to all?

Online classes through electrical gadgets have become the norm of teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many thousands of students are glued to their phones and teacher-student relationship enters a new world of virtual lectures, assessments, and tutorials.

Online classes come with a lot of advantages like 

  • ease of access, 
  • an equal opportunity for everyone to interact with teachers,
  • continue learning from any place without having to attend college, and go through the troubles of traveling
  • the safety of learning at home during COVID Pandemic, 
  • having a good attendance percentage.

Just like any other thing, online education also comes up with a lot of disadvantages like 

  • lack of face to face interaction with teachers, 
  • absence of practical demonstration, 
  • lack of group discussions resulting in limited feedback, 
  • missing out on school and college campus life, 
  • internet connection issues, 
  • focus-related issues and health issues like eye irritation, watering, redness, dryness, and headaches, discomfort, tiredness, body ache, etc.

To combat the disadvantages of online classes, a student must create a regular study space at home and stay organized, maintain a weekly schedule to complete the topics taught. One must try to eliminate any distractions like watching Netflix, playing video games, etc. It is better to give the students a break of 10-15 minutes between classes as continuity often makes us lose focus. Teachers should conduct weekly doubt sessions as it is not plausible for a student to learn everything in a virtual class.

Though e-learning poses a lot of challenges to the student, parents as well as teachers, it helps direct our mind to more useful matters without giving us the time to ponder on unnecessary stuff leading to unwanted thoughts. It also helps students utilize their time wisely in this new digital world which has a higher probability of becoming the new normal. Check this out to learn important lifeskills.

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