Why is Time Management Important for Online Learning?

Some of the problems we face while trying to study are distractions, activities that pop up whenever we decide to dedicate time to learning. For online learners, this becomes harder, because they lack the sanctum of a classroom to keep them motivated and committed. How many times have you wanted to study, and suddenly a chat message popped up, and the next moment your attention was turned to texting back and forth? How many times have you had to keep your assignments aside, just because a call from a friend came in, and you needed to answer? How many times have you slept off, forgetting your study time because you’re just too worn out to give it time? How many times have you felt too lazy to learn?

So, what happens when you have just you and your computer or gadget, where you have no physical entity to report to, but have to make a sacrifice to devote your time to an online environment? How well would you be able to utilize your time and do what is required of you? This is where Time Management comes in.

Why is Time Management Important?

Every minute spent meaningfully, leaves you no feeling of emptiness. Once you feel like you have done nothing with your day, that means you had an unresourceful day. Managing your time helps you put things into perspective. You know what is crucial at the moment, and what is not worth spending your time on. You set a scale of preference and highlight your priorities, instead of giving too much into aspects that yield little. Once you begin organizing and setting a scale on every part of your day, you will maintain a sense of coordination in all your activities.

This applies to a learning environment; proper management of your time can help lessen the workload, by making you do more tasks in less time. It instills self-discipline and fights off procrastination. It can help you achieve faster and better results in a shorter time, having you free up your schedule for a time to relax, ease out stress, and giving you so much fulfillment you can revel in forever.  We will be discussing the Physical Guide and Mental Guide for managing time in detail in the upcoming blogs.

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