Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is a huge concern worldwide that is taking a turn for the worse with the increasing chaos in the lives of people. Despite the growing economies, the developmental goals are unachievable if the mental health of the citizens is kept on the back burner.

Mental illness affects about 19% of the adults, 46% of the teenagers, and 13% of the children every year. However, only half of them receive proper care and treatment, leaving the rest to face discrimination and stigma from the people around them.

In recent years, the perception of mental health has improved, but not the stigma around it. Studies show that the stigma against mental illness is still powerful, mostly due to the lack of education and the existing stereotypes from before. Therefore, the prevailing scenario highlights the importance of having Mental Health Awareness. It is crucial to acknowledge that being mentally sound is essential for the overall well-being of a person.

Mental Health Awareness stands for combating stigma, ensuring early recognition of depression or other conditions in patients, and giving them proper treatment while educating the people around them. Just understanding the concept will do no good in the long run. Many campaigns are being organized worldwide to spread awareness among people. The objectives of these campaigns are educating people and raising awareness while breaking stereotypes and prejudices. The lack of education is the biggest challenge to these campaigns because awareness and literacy are two sides of the same coin. The programs conducted for this purpose had a favorable impact, however, the long term impact of such programs is yet to be evaluated.

Initiatives are being taken up by the governments and self-help groups to combat the problems related to mental health because awareness is the only way to end this problem. A WHO report shows that about 87% of the countries have at least two functioning mental health awareness and prevention programs.

Everyone needs to look for the symptoms of mental illness in people around them and provide them with proper medication and care to save a life from the verge of reaching depression eventually leading to suicide.

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