Rural Education in India during COVID-19 Pandemic

As Jimmy Carter said, “No poor, rural, weak or black person should
ever again bear the additional burden of being deprived of the
opportunity for an education, job, or simple justice”. In this article, let
us see how rural education was affected during the Covid-19 pandemic
and how it has created inequality in education in India.

As online classes became the only mode of learning in India, many
students in rural areas who don’t even have sufficient food to eat during
this crisis, are facing problems accessing digital education. These issues range from the inability to buy gadgets to watch videos for studying, a stable internet connection, and the lack of digital infrastructure such as feeble internet connection. Even in cities, not everyone can access these digitalized classes. Parents are also worried about the health of their children due to spending long hours in front of these gadgets.

To combat this inequality, many steps were being taken by the government as well as the citizens. A person from Haryana attached a
loudspeaker to the cart to impart lessons for the students. This arrangement was done so that children would not drop out of a school which might affect the future condition of the whole nation.

Teachers often encourage village panchayat to share stories, songs, and awareness to parents on how to deal with children during the lockdown period. In some villages, teachers have identified students who have access to smartphones forming groups clubbing them with students without any access.

E-learning content is also available to students from both Government and government-aided schools for grades I to IX. It’s hosted on the
DIKSHA app – e-learning platform of the Ministry of Human
Resource Development.

These times call for a dedicated effort on part of everyone to take education forward. By coming up with new and creative methods to impart knowledge, we are helping shape our country for a post-pandemic world. This might be the new normal for quite some time as there is no going back to the old normal.

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