Global Climate Strikes

Global Climate Strikes or Global Week for Future, is celebrated from 20-27th September across the globe. Global Climate Strikes is a series of international strikes and protests carried out by activists to force the governments to take much-needed action against the rising decline in climatic conditions.

The first set of Global Climate Strikes was organized in 2019, and the week was chosen in a climate summit hosted by the United Nations. These strikes, conducted by a school, became an international movement insured by Greta Thunberg who is a very well-known climate activist. Around a hundred and fifty nations took part in these strikes. A study revealed that roughly 7.6 million people were part of these protests across the world. These strikes were conducted to raise awareness among the citizens who could further force the governments in taking immediate measures.

For the Global Climate Strikes of 2020, Canada is the important center of action since the Canadian President will be delivering a speech from the throne. On the 25th of September, demonstrations and manifestations will take place demanding the declaration of Climate Emergency. This year’s strikes amidst the global pandemic have forced the activists to come up with new ideas to protest and therefore introduced digital activism over different platforms. The continuous burning of the Californian forests left the activists agitated giving them a stronger reason to take this movement forward.

The climate has been undergoing a rapid decline all around the globe. With each passing second, it is going to worsen creating a need for urgent actions to be taken by the governments and citizens together. Conducting the strikes and protests alone will do no good to the climate. There is a need to tackle this issue from the core in a step-by-step manner.

Being the citizens of today and ancestors of tomorrow, let us promise to take the matter into our hands and contribute as much to the climate as we possibly can.

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