Life on Venus?

“Life on Venus?” is a question that has been the topic of discussion in light of recent studies. Venus has yet again proved to be a twin of the Earth. Phosphine – a life suggesting gas found on the Earth, has been discovered in the clouds of Venus. Phosphine is an inflammable foul-smelling gas produced by a class of bacteria that can survive without oxygen. The presence of phosphine indicates the presence of life in the form of bacteria on Venus.

Venus is the closest neighbor of the Earth and is considered to be the morning star as it rises a little before the sun. Astronomers were always curious to know more about the planet, and the discovery of phosphine is a much-needed milestone.

But the presence of phosphine in the clouds of Venus is very surprising for the space scientists since the temperature of the planet is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit which can easily destroy phosphine. Therefore, the presence of phosphine under such circumstances has been intriguing.

Astronomers are using all available methods and studies to understand the reason for this occurrence but nothing explains the phenomenon till now. However, the potential causes given by them are volcanic eruptions, chemical processes, and lightning.

One of the arguments presented by the astronomers states that due to high temperature and pressure, phosphine should not be present in its natural form but as phosphates. However, they could not answer the existence of natural phosphine. To shed more light on the potential of life on Venus, astronomers are conducting various research and space missions with the primary focus on the existence of life.

The successful studies of Venus could be the stepping stones for further studies of life on other planets. Astrophiles and seekers can learn more about the possibility of life on Venus here.

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