Grey to Blue: A Day to Reverbrate through the Pollution!

On this 7th of September 2020, United Nations Organization is holding the very first International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies based on a resolution adopted by the General Assembly in December 2019. The main aim of this is to raise public awareness on the importance of clean air, not only for us to stay healthy but also for economical, productive, and other environmental purposes.

According to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations Organization, it is essential to abate the ill effects of climatic pollution for a nation to develop and prosper economically. In the recent “World Air Quality Report” released by IQAir, six out of the top ten most polluted cities in the world are from India. Even the developed nations like the United States of America and Canada have high carbon emissions than many backward and or underdeveloped countries.

The development of modern nations should not happen at the cost of our environment. It is advisable to come up with creative ways to reduce pollution without affecting the economic prosperity of a country. Recently, the Karnataka Government in India introduced a ‘Roll on – Roll off’ train to carry goods trucks on its open compartments, which will reduce pollutant emissions released due to fuel consumption by the trucks.

As it is rightly said, prevention is better than cure. Compared to the cost of cleaning the air, pollution control is economically more viable and less time-consuming. Maybe, being lazy is not that bad. Let’s be lazy and not mess up our surroundings so that we don’t have to clean it after.

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