Photoshop in the Middle.

Photoshop combines art and technicality into one new strange mixture of expression. 

To an artist, who is used to traditional mediums for their art, the interface and the tools Photoshop offer may seem kind of underwhelming or limiting, it may seem to restrict their freedom that they’d otherwise find with their pencils and papers. It may lack the ability to let the artist feel each line being drawn, making mistakes, turning those mistakes into the personality of artwork, imperfections and flaws slowly blossoming into the soul of the art. Watching it unfold right in front of their eyes, their vision turned into reality.

To a techie, who can understand general knowledge around them and translate it into lines of codes that a computer can understand, Photoshop is a software that is capable of manipulating pixels, it can change the density of pixels per inch of an image, it can change the dimensions of it, it can change orientation, distort it, or completely erase it. These are the functions Photoshop performs. It can create or destroy pixels.

To an average person, who knows not much about anything, just enough of how things work on the surface, someone who hasn’t dwelled in the artistic practices or philosophy, someone who feels like they’re looking at hieroglyphics when they see a line of code, but is curious enough, Photoshop is something marvelous. 

To an artist, Photoshop opens up endless variations to a singular idea. To a techie, Photoshop can add some chaotic creativity that doesn’t need to conform to the rules of coding. To an average person, like me, Photoshop shows that, with just enough practice and learning, I too can be an artist or a techie, or just be in the happy middle.

Don’t forget to wear a mask 🙂

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